My Father Had a Dream...

After a party my family planned for me in
January of 1999, marking my 60th birthday,
I announced to my guests, "This has been
such a terrific party, let's do it again next year!
However, next year you will pay to attend
the party and we will donate the proceeds to charity!"!
The invitation was received with thunderous applause, marking the inception of the
Orlando Family Foundation for Charities.

at Orlando Gardens located at
4300 Hoffmeister Ave.
View our invitation HERE!

Any 501(c)3 charity can be represented through the purchase of a table at the dinner auction. The cost per table of 8 is $1,600. Individuals may also attend at a cost of $200 per person. A portion of the ticket price is tax deductible. For every table purchased representing an eligible charity, an entry into the drawing is awarded. Following the auction, two drawings will take place and the charities chosen will receive the proceeds.

My dream was to have an evening of fun, friends and wonderful food to support the charities of St. Louis. Help us make my dream and the dreams of many others come true. Invite a group of your friends and enjoy a fabulous evening.


Sam Orlando Sr.

This year you can participate in the Orlando Family Foundation Auction ONLINE thanks to our friends at Gesture!